We can...

● Design and implement a 340B program that fits the criteria and needs of the covered entity and their patients

● Develop pharmacy relationships, including negotiations and program registration

We will...

● Create a real time management system to ensure compliance with all 340B rules and guidelines including patient eligibility and drug diversion

● Implement strategy to qualify prescriptions and maximize profitability

We do...

● Accounting and reconciliation of payments with contract pharmacies, third party payors and wholesalers

● Marketing plans to maximize patient participation

● Reporting of all 340B key performance metrics

So what's this all about?

When the 340B legislation was enacted in 1992, there was limited participation in the program. Since then, over the last two decades, more then 12,000 organizations nationwide have enrolled to seek the benefits of the 340B program. However, many of the participants find the 340B program overwhelming and difficult to administer. This is where MediraRx will help. MediraRx and its management software system, 340BUnited, make it easy for organizations to navigate through all the rules, guidelines and third party vendors. Our system can work with any pharmacy, whether it is an in-house or contract pharmacy. The MediraRx team has the experience to work with Hospitals, Health Centers, HIV clinics, and HIV Aids Service Organizations, creating and managing a step by step program customized for your organization. Please contact us so MediraRx can help your organization better manage your 340B program.